Winning the CMI Management Articles of the Year Award 2015

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February 6, 2015
The CMI Management Articles of the Year 2015: Press release day
February 24, 2015

Winning the CMI Management Articles of the Year Award 2015

Throughout my career I always endeavoured to bridge the gap between academia and practice. One of my favourite quotes is from Soichiro Honda who said “Action without philosophy is a lethal weapon. Philosophy without action is worthless”.

I strongly believe that the main purpose of academic research is to produce something that will have a positive impact on practice. My work is about transferring knowledge, ideas and theory into practice to help individuals and organisations to achieve transformation, and shift to the new level of thinking, working and success.

It is therefore a delightful and humbling experience to be one of the winners of the CMI Management Articles of the Year Award 2015. The winning article entitled “6-Box leadership diagnostics: implementing management research into practice for more value creation” (which was also submitted as evidence for the All-Party Parliamentary Commission on Management), demonstrates how successful organisations have secured improved business performance by adopting new ways of thinking –  shifting their focus from numbers, processes and structures to people, purpose and knowledge-sharing. They have achieved that by using a unique evidence-based 6 Box Leadership diagnostic tool.  The process of diagnostics also includes a specific action plan that drives transformation. This process was successfully applied in more than 20 organisations worldwide.

Winning this Award as one of the best articles in a competition that, according to Sir Paul Judge (the Chairman of the Academic Advisory Council, Chartered Management Institute) “brings the latest and best management research to managers in a way that is both accessible and practical” is a wonderful recognition of the impact of my work on the real world of business. I feel very honoured and grateful to everyone who was involved in the assessment of submitted articles. Thank you all!

CMI Management Articles of the Year

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