What Others Say

Professor Hlupic has worked with a wide range of organisations in the public and private sectors worldwide, helping them to achieve a shift to the new level of performance

  • "I really valued having a structure that allowed focus on the areas where we could affect most lasting change, backed by evidence and applied with personal experience of change. It meant the case for change was easier to make – particularly with the Board."
    Caron Bradshaw, CEO Charity Finance Group
  • "I really liked the activities and solution orientation in each area."
    Action planning workshop participant
  • "I liked that we had to create an action plan rather than just getting the feedback."
    Action planning workshop participant
  • "The ‘6 Box Leadership diagnostic’ and Action Planning workshop gave a real insight into the strengths, areas for development and actions which is normally difficult for a Trustee/Non-executive director to get. It provided a sense and confidence that nothing is fundamentally unachievable in the actions agreed."
    Trustee - Third Sector membership organisation
  • "The programme is a great way of bringing a team together and encourages teamwork via a workbook and buddy sessions prior to the second workshop. New learning and re-affirmation of existing knowledge is cemented by sessions via a coach and proactive exercises. Time to reflect during the second workshop is extremely beneficial."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "The programme provides a framework - a reference point for the whole organisation to adopt. It brings together a number of related concept and change models that guide a cultured shift in the way colleagues interact - towards positive behaviours, leading to a constructive, innovative culture."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "The programme shows you clearly the importance of an organisation and be at level 4/5 - how to get there, how to bring staff, how to motivate them, how to reflect and the importance of reflection as it won't happen overnight but organisations that use the thinking behind this are much more successful and have much happier and innovative."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "The Programme made me stop and reflect what I could change, it changed my mindset, and for organisation it provided a new way of positive, solution focused thinking. It allows us to take much more joined up approach, that everyone will understand and buy into."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "The programme provides an opportunity for personal and professional reflection, it is helpful in envisaging long term goals and it raises my awareness of my own impact on others."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "Vlatka is visionary and the training can transform the way that we help the organisation in terms of culture and long term infrastructure."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "The Management Shift is an essential strand of CPD/Management for individuals, teams and organisations who are looking to step charge, lead, innovate and make a difference."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "Personally it has helped me reflect and be more self aware of my language and behaviour. This is also helping me professionally in all aspects of my role. If we all adapt to the Management Shift, inevitably we will move forward positively, both as a team and as a company."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "The Individual Shift programme helped me move through some challenging situations, it gave me tangible strategies to utilise and made me realise I'm making a huge impact on my team."
    Senior Executive, Public sector, UK
  • "The 6 Box Leadership Survey identified what are important areas to look at for value creation"
    Board Member, Management consultancy, USA
  • "Several of the identified weaknesses – mentoring, development of people and authoritative model are natural areas of development for a small firm and one that is focused on establishing and building its market position. That said, I agree they are areas of future focus. I think mentoring is a particularly key area as we develop our resources and add resources to the firm"
    Board Member, Management consultancy, USA
  • "The link to Reinvention Framework potentially adds a lot more of an action component than do most competing models."
    Board Member, Management consultancy, USA
  • "I think looking at the low scores around decentralization, closing the gap between stated and realized objectives and dealing with burnout / frustration issues will allow us to shape our discussions and develop action plans that can address our weaknesses and improve our strengths simultaneously."
    Board Member, Management Consultancy, USA
  • "The 6 Box Leadership is helpful for dealing with the maturity of culture and the relationship of culture to the ability to move to a more structured and process-based approach to running and growing a business."
    Board Member, Management consultancy, USA
  • "I can see using 6 Box Leadership on the front end of a transformation engagement (for example, to compare "as is" with the desired "to be" for the organization), or as a standalone offering (that may compete against less powerful "employee engagement" offerings)". Doing so would likely show gaps between where an organization is today and where its leader would like it to be."
    Board Member, Management consultancy, USA
  • "6 Box Leadership has better fundamentals than most other approaches."
    Board Member, Management consultancy, USA
  • “I have experienced Vlatka"s excellent skills on innovative leadership approaches while building two departments as a leader in a global IT consulting and services company. Vlatka"s influence has been of significant help. The business results were outstanding productivity improvements and employee motivation and engagement”.
    Director, Consulting company, Germany
  • “Confirming what was working well for us and discovering what was really driving our success has proven to be very enlightening. Equally, being able to see the organisation through our staff's perceptions and linking this to our culture, strategy and processes has been very valuable. We now have a holistic perspective through which to help sustain and enhance our performance, engagement and patient outcomes.”
    Chief Executive, NHS Trust
  • "6 Box Leadership integrates the systems/process, strategy and resources (the hard side of culture) much more directly and efficiently"
    Board Member, Management consultancy, USA
  • "6 Box Leadership compares favorably with other frameworks of this type, and it assumes that the buyer is interested in the most powerful solution".
    Board Member, Management consultancy, USA
  • 'The survey provided a very accurate assessment of the business. I was impressed. It highlighted some fundamental problems with the business'.
    Managing Director, Media Company, South Africa
  • "This exercise has been both thought provoking and informative. It will inform future business planning and my own personal development".
    Network Director, NHS Trust, UK
  • <font color="#C8D200">HR Director, NHS Trust, UK</font>
    "There was correlation between the messages from the 6 Box Leadership survey and the National NHS Staff survey. Both surveys identified the same areas of concern, and I do see the results have a value in indicating areas for further exploration and to target for improvement".
    <font color="#C8D200">HR Director, NHS Trust, UK</font>
  • "The organisational diagnostic exercise based on Prof Hlupic 6 Box Leadership Model provided an extremely valuable perspective on how our strengths and areas for development as an organisation can be exploited for the benefits of both our service users and our workforce. The findings were useful and we triangulated the data with other sources of information to enable creative and courageous conversations to take place which has led to some new thinking about how we get the best out of our workforce, look after them more effectively and better engage our most valuable asset in the process of transformational change".
    Clinical Director, NHS Trust, UK
  • "The 6 Box Leadership survey was very easy to administer and came up with some very interesting findings. Perhaps most importantly, it provided the impetus for us to apply renewed vigour to the training and personal development of all staff and as a consequence we are now rewriting our training policy, making it far more employee-friendly, putting the onus on managers, mandating more training, and providing far more tailored courses. The survey also galvanised our approach to charity which had previously been our best kept secret. We are now collecting a list of favoured charities from all staff and we will then have a poll to see which ones to support. We have also appointed a fund raising champion who will be responsible for that task".
    Managing Director, City of London Insurance Company
  • "We are very satisfied with the outcome of the survey given for our employees, and the discussion we had about survey results. The survey points out clear challenges for us, and we will adapt methods and practices to evolve our employees" experience according to survey results. We very much appreciate the effort, insight and discussions as the outcome of the survey, and would give recommendation to this process and Vlatka especially. We are grateful for this experience, and hope that we can carry out good results from this and create value".
    Director, IT consultancy, Norway
  • "I have over the last years experienced use of global surveys for identification of areas to improve our leadership. Thus we hit the podium year for year, we strive to get even more knowledge out of the expectations and real challenges in modern leadership. We took the 6 Box Leadership survey, and our experience was that this gave much more specific and detailed feedback to us. The 6 Box Leadership diagnostics pointed out the real status in the different aspects, and told us about principles we need to meet to be more successful. My experience tells me that general surveys can be used year after year to give an overall view, but if you want to know more, dig deeper into the challenge to be a modern leader, 6 Box Leadership gives you the answers!"
    Business Development Director, IT Consultancy, Norway
  • "Being acting upon 6 Box Leadership diagnostics has been very important at our consulting firm. We enhanced our social collaboration capabilities, updated our internal HR personal assessment process, and increased our personal accountability. Going well beyond greater self-awareness, 6 Box Leadership helped us reinvent ourselves as individuals and as a company".

    Jack Bergstrand, CEO of Brand Velocity Inc.,(former CIO & CFO of Coca-Cola)