The Management Shift is out, and the verdict is….

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November 17, 2014
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December 16, 2014

The Management Shift is out, and the verdict is….

After a whirlwind few weeks in November with several speaking engagements, The Management Shift launch events in London and San Francisco (with video-link); book-signings, and attending the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, it is starting to sink in: the book is finally out, and it is being received very well! The world is ready for the shift!

Only 24 hours after its release in North America, the book was sold out on all major sites in the US and Canada. In the same week, the CIPD’s People Management magazine published a review stating that publication of The Management Shift marks me out ‘as a major new voice’ in my field. In addition, I joined other thought leaders as one of the professional speakers at Speakers Associates. I was also notified that my article on the 6 Box Leadership was one of the top five most highly rated articles in the Chartered Management Institute Article of the Year Competition. Certainly a week to remember!

In his recent blog, the influential Forbes contributor Steve Denning included The Management Shift among his selection of eight books in 2014 that have made ‘a substantive contribution to clarifying and institutionalizing the paradigm shift from the Traditional Economy to the Creative Economy’. He wrote:

‘The Management Shift shows that there is another way. It describes a management shift that focuses on managing people, fostering collaboration and creating a sense of purpose. It explains why the changes are needed, what needs to be done, and particularly how to go about it.’

Most important of all is the human connection and the appreciation that I have been experiencing, especially in the last few weeks. I am deeply touched by wonderful messages from all over the world from people who have read the book and feel inspired to start create positive ripples in their organisations. My quest as an activist for human rights and engagement in the workplace, trying to humanize management, continues. It is overwhelmingly inspirational and encouraging for me to begin to witness positive results.

New ideas are flourishing. After l heard Gary Hamel and Clayton Christensen at the closing session of the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, an idea came to me about how we can take further action. This is to work on a global petition and manifesto for humanizing management – to be backed and promoted by some of the leading business and management thinkers. More information will be released soon, so watch this space!

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