Talk in Parliament on Guy Fawkes night

The head and the heart can both rule
December 16, 2014
Business First Magazine Editor Nick Peters interviews Professor Vlatka Hlupic
January 6, 2015

Talk in Parliament on Guy Fawkes night

Fireworks and reflections: the book’s first month

All the experiences from the last few weeks from various talks and book launch event are finally sinking in. In addition to The Management Shift book launch and attending the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, one of the key events in November was my talk at the Houses of Parliament on Guy Fawkes night, the 5th of the month. The talk was hosted by Rehman Chishti, a Member of Parliament for Gillingham and Rainham.

I have now had the time to reflect on all blogs and feedback received for this talk. The electrifying atmosphere at the Grand Committee Room was well described by Philip Whiteley in his blog ‘What kind of revolution do we want?’. He reported how the noise of anti-capitalist demonstrators in Parliament Square could be heard inside the Commons, and argued that my positive revolution of mindset was to be favoured over the disordered, unpredictable change threatened from the margins by protest.

Also at the historic event in Parliament was Gina Lazenby, who posted a blog – complete with photo of herself with me. She picked up on the theme of a more ‘feminine way of doing business’ lies at the heart of the shift, noting:

‘The bottom line of her [my] economic prosperity plan is about caring for people. If you do this she says, then the people will care more about your business and they will deliver the profits … to a greater degree, than if you simply focused on the profits directly without caring for the people in between.’

The management writer Rod Willis noted that many of the themes that I have been addressing have been written about before, but that too many observers have tried to imitate good practice at a superficial level:

‘We focused on the technology; we focused on the processes at every level. I just wonder, did we miss the Interpersonal Relationship piece or even more! So, just like the sound of the fireworks, blasting into our consciousness at the talk, does this subject matter blast into yours?’ …

In my talk, he said: ‘Vlatka shared her passion for connecting the worlds of Theory and Practice, bringing them together in such a clear way. Those who wish to can explore the What and the Why, now they can also explore the How to make a difference.’

The blogger and management thinker David Terrar struck an optimistic note, noting how my ideas are resonating with many others, and that momentum is building for fundamental improvements in the management of businesses:

‘It’s all good. She did say that many other management thinkers and academics are thinking along the same lines, maybe with slightly different terminology — exactly. Her book is competing with a lot of material on open business, and the big shifts that are happening in business and the world.’


My talk in Parliament: some feedback from the audience

You were fantastic tonight! You gave a brilliant, poised performance to a tough audience. You handled the questions very well and came across as someone with real passion and belief in your work. I was mightily impressed.” –Rob Wirszycz, Chairman and Advisor to major IT companies and former Director General of TechUK

“Thank you for inviting me tonight. Your session was a great success and you did extremely well. I admire the way you took all the questions so well. In particular, the introduction of your session was so admirably well grounded on the day and place, truly witty and remarkable, the quotes you gave, your style. The pace was excellent. I hope you took many useful contacts and it will help sell your excellent book.”Dr Stephane Girod, Assistant Professor of International Business and Strategy, Henley Business School, University of Reading

Vlatka – tonight was super impressive. The room was buzzing with enthusiasm – your passion is contagious. Thank you so much for inviting me. I felt very privileged to be there“. – Dr Annemarie O’Connor, Director of the The Mindworks

Vlatka’s presentation was excellent with a lot of facts and information that I had also heard from other speakers who are pushing similar approaches to the workplace. What Vlatka does though that I have not seen before is to explain the different Leadership levels and their meanings. Vlatka also touched on the tools she has developed to shift the organisation and this left me intrigued to read the book and find out more!” – Tony Price, Deputy MD Genuine Solutions.

Your presentation was powerful and you answered the questions raised most skilfully. Well done!” – Richard Chiumento, Director of Rialto Consultancy

“Dear Vlatka, I am so proud of you. Sky is the limit! Your mission goes much further then leadership and management, your mission is to revive the humanity, inspiration and positive energy to our wonderful world and civilization”. – Dr Zrinka Lulic, GSK

Dear Vlatka, you made an important step forward yesterday. Well done – congratulations” – Arie de Geus, Author of the bestselling book “The Living Organisation” translated into 23 languages

Vlatka, congratulations on an excellent talk and discussion last night. You generated such a buzz in the room, and the enthusiasm and support for your ideas were very evident – well done! Your ideas are a timely inspiration that should capture the imagination of many managers enthusiastic for a better way – not just in the workplace but in our wider community. I look forward to helping you in any way in taking this excellent work to the next level, and inspiring the world!” – Jan Schapira, Communications Consultant, JS Corporate Communications

Congratulations on your talk! Very impressed by your confidence and how easily you reflected the fire of questions” – Cathy Purtill-Lassalle, entrepreneur

An impactful view of a growing problem in business” – Stuart Lotherington, Senior Partner for SBR Consulting

Vlatka, Congratulations! You did a wonderful presentation (no notes!!), food for thought for all of us“. – Jane Vessey, Director, Wentworth Advisors

Many thanks for your talk the other day, it was really interesting!” – Nick Peters, Editor of Business First magazine

Thank you very much for your excellent talk last week, I thoroughly enjoyed listened to you and to the lovely discussion afterwards“. – Katherine Galliano, Director People and Culture, The Vision Fund

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