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The Management Shift Anchoring Items

We have created a range of The Management Shift items to help anchor the shift to Level 4 mindset. Based on the insights in neuroscience, these items have carefully chosen images and/or text that would help to trigger thinking patterns and behaviour at Level 4 mindset. They would be helpful for those that are in the process of the Big Shift from Level 3 to Level 4, or have already shifted. In that case, these items will help anchoring of the shift to Level 4 and trigger tapping into energy of Level 5 as often as possible. More details about the power of anchoring are explained in Professor Hlupic’s HR Magazine article.

Although The Management Shift Masks and Cards also have anchoring purpose (for example, hanging the masks on an office wall will help anchoring), they are primarily educational and it is recommended to use them with The Management Shift online Toolkit items available at:

The Management Shift mugs, coasters, mouse pads, T-shirts, place mats and key rings are practical items that can be used every day as anchoring tools in addition to their practical usage. Any design can be used for any of these four products and it is possible to add bespoke text (e.g. name and surname) to images.

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