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TMS Coded Cards for Leaders
TMS Coded Cards for Leaders (CCL-02)
May 19, 2017
TMS Coded Cards for Employees
TMS Coded Cards for Employees (CCE-04)
May 19, 2017

TMS Uncoded Cards for Employees (UCE-03)




A boxed set of 25 full colour TMS Cards (business card size). Each of these cards illustrate a typical thought pattern, belief and/or behaviour of each of the 5 Levels of The Management Shift mindsets experienced or observed by Employees in the workplace. This set is uncoded. This means that the card does not have a mask symbol indicating The Management Shift Level it represents.


Suggested Use

With TMS Board Games ‘Exploring the 5 Management Shift Levels for Employees’ (BG-01) or ‘What I see in our organisation’ (BG-02). Other application areas might include self-diagnosis of a dominant level on a particular day, helping others to diagnose their dominant Level etc.

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