Organisational shift: The 6 Box Leadership Model



“The staff retention rate improved, people become more loyal to the organisation as they appreciated caring culture and would not go to work elsewhere even for a higher salary.”


“New forms have emerged through this process such as informal networked based structure that was imposed over formal structure. This structure gets the work done and enables solving of any problem.”


When organisational culture shifts from Level 3 to Level 4, many benefits emerge, both for an organisation and its employees as they are mutually co-dependent. Some of these benefits include:

  • Unleashing the potential of team members

  • Improved performance

  • More innovation

  • Greater level of flexibility

  • Creating new partnerships

  • More engaged, motivated and productive workers

  • Reduced stress and absenteeism

  • Improved loyalty to organisation due to a caring culture

  • Increase in profit

  • Improved customer service

  • Improved quality and quantity of decisions

  • Greater level of agility and resilience