Accredited The Management Shift Practitioners

Talita Ferreira

Talita is an experienced C-Suite Executive Board Director in multi-disciplines, including finance; risk; strategy; and human resources and a non-executive director. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Chartered Director and consultant with a career as CFO in the automotive and financial services industries. She led a financial services company through the 2008 crisis; a change in leadership; and helped the organisation transform strategically. She understands the language of finance and risk, strategic visioning and delivery, and knows how to engage teams to drive success.

Talita is a published author of, The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®, which captures her experiences of working with thousands of leaders to increase their confidence and help them become inspiring leaders. Talita has helped various organisations locally in the United Kingdom and internationally, to transform their leadership and cultural approaches. In December 2018 Talita launched her new online training platform, Finance Inspired 4 Success, focused on finance leaders providing accredited CPD training to help them transform their leadership and people dynamics approach. Talita’s passion is to help develop the next generation of finance business leaders to be inspired, transformational leaders who engage their teams for high performance and trust to unlock creativity, innovation and high levels of collaboration.

Rod Willis

Rod Willis FRSA is an APECS Executive Coach, primarily supporting Legal Service organisations in Talent Selection and Development. He spent > 25 years in Electronic Manufacturing, working with Blue-Chip clients, establishing high performing multi-cultural teams. His philosophy is one of Continuous Improvement guided by Appreciative Inquiry. Trained in HC Analytics and a broad range of Psychometric profiling tools supporting clients to become more aware of what, and why they do what they do.

The result is they can better manage themselves and work with their colleagues more effectively. He studied both an MBA and MSc in Coaching and Behavioural. Rod is passionate about maximising individuals’ potential, helping them to create better businesses, enhancing society, ultimately helping people grow through change.