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Creating more value, innovation, employee engagement and sustainable success, The Management Shift® focuses on managing people and creating a sense of purpose


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October 30, 2019

The digital ecosystem depends upon the human one

Much has been written and discussed about the pace of technological change. More than replacing routine tasks, artificial intelligence can transform business processes, customer service and the way businesses are set up and run. Blockchain technology, for example, is being used for supply chains not only to improve efficiency, but […]
August 26, 2018

The Value of Humanising Organisations

Business as usual is no longer an option. A narrow focus on maximizing short-term financial returns has led directly to corporate scandals, environmental disasters from climate change to plastic waste in the oceans, low employee morale, distrust in institutions and the Great Financial Crash of 2007-2008. Yet amid this succession […]
May 29, 2018

Fractals and The Management Shift

Fractals are the structure of nature. They are mathematical, iterative, self-similar, infinite, natural, ever-changing, and born of the same equations. We see them everywhere in nature – in the shape of leaves, trees, flowers…. Since we are a part of nature, we also have fractal patterns – in our veins, […]
  • "You didn't just write a book for the management shift, you wrote a book for the society shift! Thank you on behalf of humanity for writing this book."

    Alfred Tolle, founder and chairman of Wisdom Together, former senior executive in Google
  • "The Management Shift gives us a language and a way of seeing the world, and an opportunity for a different kind of dialogue, which I think is helpful in a world of health and care. We have to go in this direction. I think we have no choice."

    Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer NHS
  • "It is practical."

    Stephen Ball, Former CEO of Lockheed Martin UK
  • "You pulled together a very broad set of ideas in a powerful way. From the very micro to the macro. This must have been an unbelievably hard task. Thank you for sharing it with me. I have mentioned it to colleagues."

    Professor Linda Hill, Harvard Business School, USA
  • "I read through your book and enjoyed reading it. The focus on leaders as collaborative and engaging is a wonderful insight. Our ideas are very close to yours. I enjoyed the book very much"

    Dave Ulrich, HR Most Influential Thinker of the Decade, Rensis Likert Professor, University of Michigan
  • "Vlatka in ‘The Management Shift’ absolutely addresses the priority for business leaders: how to engage, motivate and inspire people so that retaining and attracting talent is not just a prerequisite but the core source of competitive advantage. Grounded in rigorous and extensive research, Vlatka presents a comprehensive model to benchmark any organisation’s current state and then identify both a strategy and action plan to address weaknesses and build on strengths thereby achieving the Management Shift. The direct correlation between organisational culture, employee engagement and financial success is made clear and Vlatka ensures this is not just the domain of the HR team but an imperative for the CEO."

    Martin Mackay, Chairman & CEO, Experior Group
  • "Your book is a truly amazing piece of work. Your were able to write and proof what I have been thinking for a while but was unable to express. Over the years I experienced many different styles of management, including level 1 and level 5, and it is truly amazing how you made that into a system so that it can: 1) be easily recognized, 2) be inspired to change and 3) actually implement the change if wanted. "The Management Shift" is definitely my book of choice in leadership and company policy design."

    Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D., Author of "Healing Psyche" and "The Alchemy of Vitality"
  • "Professor Vlatka Hlupic's book "The Management Shift" is  nothing less than a treasure of a book! Her call-out to create positive ripples in the world of management, to bring purpose, heart and passion back to work – and examples and guidance of how to make it happen -  is not only highly aspirational and inspirational, it is also very relevant and important at a time where many companies experience employee engagement hitting rock bottom and drop in productivity following as a consequence. It is my hope and belief that this book will be a huge wake-up call to managers and business leaders around the world, that it will generate wonderful ripple-effects of enthusiasm, innovation and collaboration in the organizations they lead and that purpose-driven organizations will become more the norm than the exception. There are many great leadership books out there, but as far as I am aware of, none that so extensively and elegantly describes the need for change and how to make it happen, and at the same time, it leaves the readers a bit more shiny eyed and hopeful for the future."

    Annicken R. Day, Founder, CEO & Culture Evangelist, Corporate Spring
  • "The Management Shift is a groundbreaking manual for enlightened leadership."

    Pablo Llyod, CEO Activate Enterprise
  • "Finally we get a book that truly describes the urgency to go from traditional management focus to leadership. As Professor John P Kotter at Harvard so wisely puts it: “the worlds is over managed and under lead”. Now your book, The Management Shift,  gives us important insight and concrete tools.

    As an operative CEO at Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government's most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry, I will have great benefit of your book describing the challenges I meet as a leader, but more important, challenges facing our customers.

    As you say: “In business management, there is a problem. There is also an historic opportunity. And now, there is a major breakthrough.” Indeed it is, and your book gives me the motivation to believe in this, and to be part of driving the change. Thank you.

    Anita Khron Traaseth, CEO of Innovation Norway and former CEO of Hewlett Packard Norway
  • “For any business leader looking to get more from their people, this book is a must-read.”

    Rob Wirszycz, Chairman and Advisor to Major IT Companies and Former Director General of TechUK
  • "Vlatka Hlupic has enjoyed an impressive career in the world of leadership studies. I strongly endorse the ideas which she has developed and presented in ‘The Management Shift".

    William Hopper, Former Member of the European Parliament, Investment Banker
    and co-author of "The Puritan Gift - Triumph, Collapse and Revival of an American Dream"
  • “The most articulate, fully researched and inspiring managerial manifesto for the 21st century corporation yet written.”

    Dr Jules Goddard, Fellow, London Business School
  • "Vlatka Hlupic's wonderful book provides the methodology to implement Management 2.0 using her 6 Box Leadership system. The key is putting people first. Improving your organization's performance has never been so easy".

    Paul J. Zak, Professor of Economics and the Founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies
    at Claremont Graduate University, author of "The Moral Molecule"- finalist for the Wellcome Trust Book Prize
  • "For many of us writing about the principles of enlightened leadership over the years, the rate of progress has been frustrating slow. Vlatka Hlupic in 'The Management Shift' has achieved a potentially significant breakthrough by linking theory to practice on how to transform workplaces. She takes management teams through the levels of progress that leaders and their teams experience as they move towards higher levels of engagement, in an approach where people are rightly viewed as the source of all value".

    Philip Whiteley, Co-author New Normal Radical Shift
  • "Vlatka Hupic's "The Management Shift" is a rich exploration of the way in which the corporate landscape is increasingly emphasizing people and purpose—and not just profit. As such, it's not only useful; it's quite hopeful".

    Rick Wartzman, Executive Director of the Drucker Institute and Columnist for
  • “Vlatka Hlupic has done a terrific job in describing the need for a paradigm shift in Management and Leadership. It is about more contradictions that need to be reconciled and the 6 Box Leadership Tool does the practical application. A must read!”.

    Fons Trompenaars, Author of the Best Selling "Riding the Waves of Culture",
    Ranked in the Thinkers50 as one of the Most Influential Management Thinkers in the World
  • "In the aftermath of the financial crisis mangers had to confront harsh criticism and blame. It has become clear that a renewal of management is required for regaining the credibility and legitimacy to address the huge challenges we face in our economies and our societies. The good news: management doesn’t need wholesale reinvention; it just needs to rediscover its true vocation and priorities. Vlatka Hlupic provides a timely and important contribution in this field by combining the Drucker inspired systematic approach to the discipline of management with latest thinking and relevant tools for practitioners".

    Richard Straub, President of the Drucker Society Europe, Senior Advisor IBM Global Education Industry
  • “Dr Vlatka Hlupic's work is a significant contribution to transforming management thinking and organisational life that we need for today´s and future world. "The Management Shift" shows the big picture and at the same time, offers a proven method related to how to tackle the route to unfold human potential in organisations for sustained prosperity.”

    Franz Röösli, Professor for Organisational Behaviour, Zurich University
    of Applied Sciences, Director of Beyond Budgeting Round Table
  • "Vlatka's insights on how to put innovative theory into practice is a true step change in management. She shows many cases that it is actually possible to transform organisations to become more profitable while at the same time to become more engaging for all employees. She provides clear guidance on how to successfully create the future and sets the new management standards for the digital information age."

    Carsten Hentrich, Director Digital Transformation, PwC Germany
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Hlupic including co-authoring several whitepapers as part of the Management Information Exchange (MIX). I am thrilled at her success in capturing a powerful and much need corporate transformation model wonderfully described in ‘The Management Shift’ ”.

    Michael Grove, CEO of CollabWorks, Inc., Serial Entrepreneur, and Founder of the WWW+W Thought Leadership
    Community of the New World of Work
  • "Use the powerful 6-Box Model and its lessons from Vlatka Hlupic’s new book to put your team on the fast track to success. Outstanding, unique work from one of today’s most important management consultants! Excellent!."

    Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50 Top Ten Global Business Thinker, Top Ranked Executive Coach
    and Author of the New York Times and Global Bestseller 'What Got You Here Won't Get You There'
  • "In the new era, business leaders need to shift from a focus on profits to leading their organizations with a purpose and a set of values that engender passion and pride among their employees and customers. This book sets an agenda and a framework to guide business leaders in this important quest."

    Sunil Gupta, Edward Carter Professor of Business,
    Harvard Business School
  • "Vlatka Hlupic makes the case for fundamental change in management theory. She is posing some questions that should have been asked already a long time ago, the answers to which are not only relevant to business, but to all those institutions (business, governmental and NGO’s) that dominate our human lives in the 21st century. This is a book that shows the way, not just to better economic results, but to a better society".

    Arie de Geus, Former Corporate Planning Director at the Shell Group and Author of "The Living Company", translated in 23 languages
    and named one of the top business books by Business Week and The Financial Times
  • "The field of leadership development is presently in need of fresh thinking. In this book Vlatka Hlupic offers her own contribution in the form of her '6 Box Leadership Model' for consideration. All those who are interested in the present state and future direction of the field will find in the pages this book a fresh and thought-provoking approach. I warmly welcome it".

    John Adair, Chair of Leadership Studies at the United Nations System Staff College, Honorary Professor of Leadership at the
    China Executive Leadership Academy, Author of Forty Books on Leadership
  • "Dr. Hlupic's insights are truly groundbreaking. What makes her ideas, which are brilliantly described in 'The Management Shift',  even more meaningful is how she has integrated them into her 6 Box Leadership tool. The result is that executives and consultants can now easily implement 6 Box Leadership principles in practice, so that organizations can benefit from tomorrow's management today"

    Jack Bergstrand, CEO of Brand Velocity, the Former Chief Information Officer
    for The Coca-Cola Co., Author of "Reinvent Your Enterprise"
  • “This is an inspiring book.  Dr Hlupic makes a compelling case for radical changes in how large companies work, and she charts a very clear course for a new type of leadership that seeks to harness the talents and commitment of all employees.”

    Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School,
    Ranked in the Thinkers50 as one of the Most Influential Management Thinkers
  • "The 6 Box Leadership diagnostics and management methods will give your organization everything it needs to unleash the creative power of your organization and win in today’s fast paced, hyper-competitive world. Without this new way of management, firms will  be stuck in the past and hopelessly left behind by competitors who adopt the 6 Box approach.”

    Richard A. D'Aveni, Bakala Professor of Strategy, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College,, Listed in the Thinkers50
    as one of the Most Influential Management Thinkers in the World, Author of "Strategic Capitalism"