Books by Vlatka Hlupic

Professor Hlupic has published more than 160 interdisciplinary academic articles and three books that formed the basis for The Management Shift tools and processes


The Management Shift

How to harness the power of people and transform your organisation for sustainable success.

A new tried and tested model for leadership to help managers improve engagement, remove barriers to innovation and uncover the hidden strengths of every company's greatest asset: their workforce.
Simulation Modelling Software1

Simulation Modelling Software Approaches to Manufacturing Problems

The complexity and dynamic behaviour of advanced manufacturing systems make simulation modelling one of the most popular methods to facilitate the design and assess operating strategies of these systems. An application of this methodology could help users to select appropriate simulation packages and avoid costly delays in simulation projects.
Knowledge and Business Process1

Knowledge & Business Process Management

In today's competitive and global business environments, knowledge is recognized as one of the most important strategic assets for modern organizations.

"Knowledge and Business Process Management" provides a compilation of multi-disciplinary views related to knowledge and business process management.