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The Management Shift Consulting Ltd, ‘TMS’ provide services that include advice and practical support to shift you and your company to improved business performance and organisational effectiveness. We support you in this journey using data that you provide to us and actions planned with you to make changes unique to you in a simple yet powerful way.

TMS provide a range of services for individuals and organisations in the private and public sectors. Our processes and tools are based on leading edge interdisciplinary research and have been successfully deployed already in major organisations worldwide.

We look at organisations from people and process related dimensions giving a holistic view of where you are at and what needs to change. These dimensions include culture; relationships and individuals (in the people dimension) and strategy; systems and resources (in the process dimension), analysing your performance across these ‘six boxes’ can be used to help your organisation in a variety of different ways.


Change and transition during The Management Shift®, is supported using a team of coaches; psychologists; change management specialists and strategic advisors led by Professor Vlatka Hlupic (an award-winning international thought leader with more than 20 years of both academic and consulting experience).


We offer a wide variety of consulting services designed on a bespoke basis for individuals and organisations. The kinds of services we have offered to date include:


This programme is designed to help organisations shift their organisational culture and become more focused on people and purpose. As a result, they can achieve an increase in engagement, performance, innovation and bottom-line profitability.

This is designed as a unique programme specific to each organisation and typically involves the Management Shift team working with you over a twelve-month period to use tools and techniques and the power of your people to shift you to a new way of working.


This three-month long programme is designed to shift leadership teams to embrace emerging leadership styles, (shifting to a 'Level 4 mind-set'). It consists of pre and post assessment for leaders, three one-day workshops, self-directed and peer learning and four one to one coaching sessions with The Management Shift Ltd coaching team. This support ensures that individual action plans are developed and deployed successfully.


TMS team can advise Boards of Directors and Investors on a bespoke basis on the management of M&A’s and collaborative partnerships; potential acquisitions or joint ventures; and auditing and assessing risk exposure in organisations.

Use of The Management Shift® for these requirements, can enhance the likelihood of a successful investment; divestment or acquisition based on use of robust scientific methodologies and evidence based due diligence consulting and advice.


TMS offer a highly specialised individual executive coaching services. We facilitate the individual shift in mind-set, using a variety of leading edge coaching methods and tools, including tools and processes based on Professor Hlupic and her team's research and extensive practical experience in working with C-level executives.


TMS provide a range of public and corporate workshops for leaders. The aim is to help leaders to implement the principles of emergent leadership styles and to enable them to help others to shift to a higher developmental level.

Based on action learning, neuroscience and interactive exercises, these workshops provide an insight into strategies, processes and tools that can be used to shift an individual and management team to new levels of thinking and performance.


Professor Vlatka Hlupic and her associates are available to engage with the press for interviews and expert commentaries on a wide range of topics related to management innovation. They are also available to speak at corporate or public events.


• FTSE100 company, UK: Used to improve performance and innovation, 33% increase in revenue and increase in net profit of 213%
• Central government department, UK: Uncovered strategic areas and developed senior development programme
• Management consultancy, USA: used to facilitate growth strategy (500% increase in revenue, 100% in staff numbers)
• NHS Trust: used diagnostic to design new HR strategy
• IT consultancy, Norway: Life-changing experience
• On-line media company, South Africa: Due Diligence completed and business successfully sold after diagnostics

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